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World First: Puzl and Woods Supermarket Announce AI-Based Gross Margin Manager

Updated: Jul 3


Monday, November 8, 2021

  • Puzl and Woods Supermarkets have launched the world's first real-time, AI-based gross margin manager that helps independent supermarkets achieve record profits.

  • In an industry that averages only 1% annual profit, very few grocers have visibility into their actual profitability beyond every 4-6 weeks. Only a few grocers also understand whether they will make or lose money from their weekly ad, which accounts for 20-30% of their weekly revenue.

  • Puzl and Woods Supermarkets have partnered to develop an AI-based real-time gross margin and ad planning automation engine. With Puzl, supermarkets can be sure that they will meet and even significantly exceed their gross margin targets every week.

New York, NY, USA – Puzl, an AI-first profitability automation platform for independent supermarkets, and Woods Supermarket, an innovation and profitability leader in the independent supermarket industry, today announced the launch of the Puzl. Puzl is an AI-based, real-time gross margin and ad planning automation engine that ensures that supermarkets make record profits.

Specifically designed for independent supermarkets, Puzl's real-time gross margin manager makes supermarkets' weekly ad planning process far more efficient and transforms the economics of each ad by ensuring that retailers meet and even significantly exceed their gross margin targets every week.

AI Gross Margin

The Puzl Ad Planner results from a strategic partnership between Puzl and Woods Supermarket. The partners have developed this simple and easy-to-use platform based on Puzl's superior AI engineers and Woods Supermarket’s unmatched experience as a leader in operational best practices and profitability. Grocers tell Puzl's AI what annual and weekly gross margins a given store or group of stores needs to achieve, and Puzl's AI will never let them miss their targets.

Frank Archer, CEO of Woods Supermarkets, said, "The business logic inside of Puzl is transformative. It has enabled us to go from a weekly guessing game around ad pricing to the confidence that comes from being certain that we'll hit our targets. But even more exciting, it has also allowed us to get far more aggressive with our pricing, changing the game for us."

According to Matt Bartelsian, Co-Founder and CEO of Puzl, "Woods is a dream partner for us. They are world-class operators who have implemented best practices throughout their operations. We've modeled their approach within the framework of top-tier AI, and the result is a product that will make the average supermarket significantly more profitable."

About Puzl, Inc.

Puzl uses artificial intelligence to help independent supermarkets achieve record profits. Based in New York City, it has been built from the ground up by grocers for grocers. Puzl's AI-based, real-time gross margin and ad planning automation tools give independent supermarkets here to fore impossible visibility into how weekly promotional pricing affects weekly and annual gross margins. Grocers tell Puzl the margins they need to make, and Puzl's AI never lets them miss.

About Woods Supermarket

Woods Supermarkets, Inc. began in 1947 in Long Lane, MO. Today Woods Supermarket has grown to 10 supermarkets and three Woods Express convince stores across Central Missouri. The company strives to be an everyday partner for local consumers and businesses. Woods relentlessly focuses on offering real values through all locations and departments.

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