Always Hit or Exceed Your Target Margins

Puzl's AI-based ad planning automation ensures supermarkets
make record profits from their weekly ads.


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Let's face it. No grocer knows with certainty if they will make or lose money from their weekly ads.

But Puzl gives you that certainty. Puzl is a Cloud-based AI platform that automates the weekly ad planning process for supermarkets while making them significantly more profitable at the same time. We give supermarket leadership the predictability that comes from AI-managed promotional pricing and the confidence to get aggressive and push the limits of what's possible.

Puzl will help you...

ALWAYS hit or exceed your margin targets.

The Puzl experience starts with you telling our AI your annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly margin targets.  From that point forward, our AI won't let you miss those targets unless you manually override them.

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exceed your margin targets

Get hyper-aggressive with promotions and push the limits of what is possible.

More than just ensuring that stores don't lose money week to week, Puzl's AI-based pricing sandbox enables supermarket management to envision and play with multiple hyper-aggressive scenarios that can significantly boost profitability.

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Eliminate manual tasks and refocus your people on strategic challenges.

At present, the weekly ad planning process takes large merchandizing teams 2-3 days of manual work each week. What a waste! Puzl turns the current process on its head. By automating everything we reduce the workload to only 1-2 people for 2-3 hours per week. This frees your people up to think of new ways to drive even more traffic into your stores.

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manual work

Take on the Big Boys... and win!

We've built Puzl by learning from the most profitable independent supermarkets in the whole country - stores with margins of at least 6% annually. These are stores that go head-to-head with the Big Boys regularly and win. We've baked their logic into our AI and all we do, so when you use Puzl, you are automating their best-practice approaches across all that you do from Day One.

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What our customers are saying...

"At Woods we view life as pre- and post-Puzl. Puzl's businenss logic has helped us add 100 basis points to our bottom line annually."

- Frank Archer, CEO, Woods Supermarkets

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Getting started is easy!

Puzl is the easiest way to start reaping the benefits of the Cloud and AI. Gettting up and running with Puzl is quick and relatively painless. Puzl simply plugs into your existing data streams and, after a brief data cleaning exercise, our AI is ready to start pumping out hyper-accurate, highly actionable, real-time intelligence that will automate your weekly ad planning and lock-in your planned profit margins.

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Getting Started us easy

Want to see Puzl in action?

Our team is standing by, ready to provide an in-depth live demo, answer your questions, and show you how Puzl can transform your profitability. It's time to start making a lot more money from your weekly ads!

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