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Making High-Low Grocers &
C-Stores Wildly More Profitable

Puzl's AI helps independent supermarkets and C-stores see their gross margins 12 weeks in advance, improving profitability, cash flow, and competitiveness.

Do You Know if You'll Make  Money Next Week?

If you run high/low independent supermarkets or C-stores, you probably have no idea.  In fact, you likely understand your margins only 6-12 weeks after the fact, forcing you to be conservative with your pricing and stuck keeping margins on your high-priced items high and margins on your low-priced items high, as well.  That's a losing formula.


 But if you were using Puzl's AI, you would know with certainty.


Puzl is a real-time, AI-based gross margin management platform for supermarkets that give you a hyper-accurate understanding of your fully blended gross margins up to 12 weeks in advance.  With this forward visibility, you can see your issues in advance and correct them before they happen.

What You Can Achieve With Puzl


profitability growth while growing top-line revenue at the same time

12 Weeks

to become the secondary or primary shopping option in your market 


improvement in cash flow by using Puzl's AI as the basis of your promotional ordering

We Help Supermarkets &
C-Stores Maximize Profitability

Our AI is up to 99.94% accurate!

Transform Your Profitability, 
Competitiveness & Cash Flow

AI Grocery and AI Supermarkets

Always Hit Your Margin Targets

Because Puzl allows high/low stores to see their gross margins 12 weeks in advance, pricing teams can see problems in advance and course correct ahead of time.  

Get Competitive with Pricing in Ways You've Never Been

With Puzl, high/low pricing teams can see into the future and understand how hyper-aggressive pricing on key items affects their ability to achieve their overall margin targets.

Sell Your Inventory Before You Pay for It

Puzl's AI is accurate enough that you can order from it.  Stores using Puzl are achieving stock-on-hand levels of 14-20 days, meaning they can sell their inventory before paying for it.

Our Partners

Puzl AI partnership with price chopper group
Puzl AI partnership with Harding's Markets
Puzl AI partnership with woods supermarket
Puzl AI partnership with Wakefern Food Corporation
Puzl AI partnership with Millers group
"At Woods we view life as
pre- and post-Puzl.  Puzl has added over 1% to our bottom line annually."

Frank Archer, CEO, Woods Supermarket


Technology Designed by Grocers for Grocers

Puzl is quick to learn and easy to use. Puzl has grocery logic through and through because we've built it in partnership with some of the nation's top-performing independent supermarkets.

Puzl isn't just another technology platform giving you even more data. Puzl gives you real-time, actionable intelligence.

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