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Stop Free Soloing with Your Supermarket: Puzl's AI Can Improve Liquidity by Up to 40%

Updated: Jan 26

Running a supermarket can sometimes feel like you are free solo climbing.  You are taking on lots (and LOTS!) of risk with no real support system.

Nowhere is this more the case than with supermarket liquidity. If you are like most operators, you:

  • have backrooms overflowing with items that were on discount 6 weeks ago that you then have to sell on shrink for even less than when they were on promo.

  • have to deal with stratospheric short-term interest rates, 

  • have stock-on-hand levels of 30-40 days, at best, even if you are running a tight ship.  

No wonder many grocers feel like their wallets are thin and creditors are always lurking.

But fear not!  Puzl’s powerful AI platform for supermarkets has been designed by independent grocers for independent grocers.  It’s able to transform your financial reality faster than you can say, “On belay!”.

While Puzl does many things, at the heart of our system is an AI engine that provides accurate AI-based volume forecasts up to 12 weeks in advance across your whole operation.  Our AI is now so accurate that supermarkets are starting to use our forecasts as the basis for their promotional ordering.  As a result, they are seeing the following improvements:

  • significant reductions to promotion over-ordering and backroom overstock.

  • aggressive trimming of stock-on-hand levels down to 14-20 days.

  • cash flow improvements of up to 40%.

And to think they are getting this sort of performance for a product that starts at only $99/store/month.  Talk about low risk!  Get Puzl and start taking your business to higher and higher heights with the confidence that comes with AI!

If you would like to know more about how Puzl’s AI can help you drive profitability, please contact us at

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