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We are transforming the global supermarket industry using AI.
And having a great time doing it!

Anna Akopova

Software Developer Anna Akopova

Anna first wanted to be a heart surgeon before she decided to be a physicist.  But while she was supposed to follow in the great Armenian tradition of theoretical physics, academic jobs were few and far between when she graduated from university.  Thankfully for Puzl, she decided to try her hand at software engineering and hasn’t looked back.  When she’s got downtime, Anna loves just hanging with her husband and her young daughter.

Matt Bartelsian

Co-Founder & CEO Matt Bartelsian

Before conceiving Puzl with his co-founders, Matt spent over 25 years building local, regional, and global strategies for P&G, J&J, Nestle, Unilever and eBay, Monster, Travelocity, and HSBC.  Matt is passionate about building teams that turn seeds of ideas into extraordinary companies.  On those rare days when Matt isn’t spending his free time with his four kids, he loves hunting for the best tea houses on the planet to find a quiet place to read a good spy novel.

Gor Elychan

Co-Founder & Product Owner Gor Elychan

The leader of his gang of snowboarders, when Gor isn’t on powder, he’s usually dreaming of it.  Unless, of course, he’s dreaming of how to push the envelope of Puzl’s next new feature.  As one of Puzl’s founders, Gor is super excited to be at the cusp of transforming the world of retail.

Armenuhi Hayrapetyan

QA Engineer Armenuhi Hayrapetyan

When Armenuhi was growing up, she wanted to become a doctor to help heal people.  Now she’s Puzl’s QA specialist and is responsible for ensuring that our platform is always healthy.  A courageous spirit, Armenuhi isn’t one to shy away from risk.  She has lived in some extreme places and is always up for new challenges and adventures.

Armine Hayrapetyan

Senior AI Engineer Armine Hayrapetyan

Armine always wanted to be a magician, and now she works magic with algorithms.  Having grown up and studied in Artsakh, Armine knows a thing or two about pushing through challenging obstacles.  When she’s not lost in exploring which new algorithmic model can get us a bit more accuracy, she loves watching figure skating.

Arusyak Kochinyan

Project Manager Arusyak Kochinyan

Some people talk and other people do.  Arus is one of the most impressive do-ers most of us have ever met.  When she was young she wanted to be a doctor but somehow she got distracted by software engineering and studied to be a computer scientist.  That background makes her an incredibly strong project manager and Arus has been invaluable in getting our unruly herd of cats to launch.

Sona Harutyunyan

AI Engineer Sona Harutyunyan

When Sona was a young girl, she dreamt of becoming a toy designer.  Today she’s one of the brightest young algorithm developers on the planet.  With a scary-bright intellect, Sona’s work to explore the limits of what is possible in predictive analytics is transforming Puzl into an unmatched tool.  When Sona isn’t working, she’s busy hanging out with her enormous extended family.

Armine Maroukhian

Senior Software Developer Armine Maroukhian

Hyper-complex, enterprise-grade, mission-critical software is what Armine has built a career creating for everyone from government agencies to Europe’s largest dating platform.  With a masters in computer science and applied math, we at Puzl are thrilled to have her on our team. 

Ara Papikyan

Software Architect Ara Papikyan

For almost 20 years Ara has been building huge, world-class, enterprise platforms for the likes of Lycos and Oracle.  When he’s not busy developing World-class software, Ara is busy studying finance, accounting, and financial markets.  As Puzl is developing a profitability automation tool for supermarkets, those skill sets have kept us in excellent stead.  When Ara isn’t working, his three young kids do an excellent job of adding white hair to his head.

Garik Petrosyan

Co-Founder & CTO Garik Petrosyan

Garik has built a career conceiving, architecting, and leading teams that create hyper-scalable and secure enterprise platforms.  Starting at Lycos, then at Be2 (the European eHarmony), and finally at his innovation outsourcing firm, Garik has always been at the forefront of creating The Next Big Thing.  When he isn’t working, he’s busy building his house, which never seems quite to get finished.

Davit Seyranyan

AI Engineer Davit Seyranyan

Davit grew up dreaming of being a grandmaster in chess.  He has turned that passion for logic and solving hyper-complex problems (he keeps a 7x7 Rubik’s cube on his desk) into solving some of the most challenging AI problems of our time.  A graduate of Russian-Armenian University, Davit is an extraordinary intellect and a massive asset to the Puzl team.

Alina Shirinyan

Business Analyst Alina Shirinyan

Alina is about as out-of-the-box a Business Analyst as you’ll find.  Having studied at Wesleyan and built a career at HSBC and then at the audit and consulting giant Grant Thornton, Alina has blue-chip consulting skills.  Yet, she’s creative and willing to dive into the dirt to find diamonds.  A passionate snowboarder in the winter and a hard-core motorcycle rider the rest of the year, Alina is Puzl’s biker mama.

Karen Vardumyan

Front-End Developer Karen Vardumyan

A native of mountainous Vanadzor, Karen was going to be a scientist before computer science let him astray.  Karen’s get-it-done approach makes him a key asset to the Puzl team.

Jeff Woods

Co-Founder & CPO Jeff Woods

A 3rd-generation grocer, Jeff studied at Cornell’s leading Food Marketing program before joining the precursor to Peapod.  Having built and sold his own logistics company, he then spent a decade at Gartner, where he grew to run their Business Applications practice.  When SAP came calling, Jeff became their Chief Product Strategist.  A grocery and tech geek through and through, Jeff’s leading Puzl down the path of total industry disruption.

Anna Zakaryan

Project Management Intern Anna Zakaryan

As if being a mom of four kids isn’t a challenge all of its own, making a significant career switch certainly ups the ante.  But Anna is curious and passionate about leadership, making her a high-potential prospect for long-term success as a PM.  We are excited to have her on the Puzl team.

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