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Puzl makes supermarkets radically more profitable using AI.  We are working on problem statements that no one has ever solved and nearly everything we do is a world-first.  "So what?", you might ask.  "That sounds cool, technically speaking, but how is Puzl changing the world?"

Around the world, supermarkets are often the daily hub of community life.   Much more than just places to by food, supermarkets are where friends meet, inspiration happens, communities stay close, and lots and lots of people have jobs.  But local supermarkets are under huge pressure.  Their profitability is razor thin and the big box chains and eCommerce sites are putting them at risk.  Puzl is in business to change all that.  Everything we do, every product we release is designed to radically improve each supermarket's profitability.

So if you've got the creativity, inquisitiveness, raw mathematical power and fun-loving spirint to always be asking, "Why not?!", we'd love to hear from you.  Please have a look at our vacancies below.

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